Footnotes from Spring 2016

This spring semester continued the return of regular articles and other resources here at or what I re-titled as Footnotes: the collection of ancillary quotes, remarks and imagery of Jason G. Duesing.

Here is a list of the articles from my Thursday “remarks” column for the spring term listed in order of most read to date.

1. Seven Summits in Church History

2. Courage to Act Like Men in a Culture that Says Otherwise

3. To Cities of Refuge

4. Replanting an Oak: Seeing the MDiv to the Century Mark

5. Spring 2016 Courses at Midwestern

6. Friends and Friendship in God’s Grand Plan

7. From Students to Scholars For the Church

8. Talking Adoniram Judson with Akin, Finn, Patterson, and Wills

9. Hiding in a Corner Trying not to be Swept: The Japanese of Japan

10. Take Heart, Edwards Did Not Rush Into Ministry

11. Hope Lives Till We Have Faces

12. Making the History of the Future

Thank you for reading and sharing. Lord willing, I plan to return to writing in this space in mid-August for the Fall 2016 term.

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