Writing Theology for the Church

“The responsibility of making theology applicable to the church rests both with the theologian and the church.

Theology must be understandable to the church. Too often what theologians write is unintelligible for many church members. As someone has observed, our best minds are sometimes siphoned off to seminaries and graduate schools where they are expected to write highly technical research works for the limited number of people in the world who can understand what they are talking about.

Lest anyone misunderstand, I think that kind of scholarship should continue, especially at Baptist seminaries, but that cannot be the end of the theological enterprise. In the past, theologians of the church wrote so that literate people could understand, and it must be acknowledged that Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin, and Wesley are often much easier to read than many contemporary theologians.

Today we need theologians who can write in ways that are both accessible to and engaging of the church and the cultures.”

–David S. Dockery, Southern Baptist Consensus and Renewal (B&H Academic, 2008), 159.

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