Introducing “A Treasury of Baptist Theology”

New this month from B&H Academic is the start of a new series: A Treasury of Baptist Theology. With plans for over two dozen volumes, this series will feature the work of Baptist theologians and church leaders on a wide range of topics written from a Baptist perspective.

The vision for the series comes from Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and I count it an honor to join him as the TBT series editors. Patterson shares:

Baptists have always been grateful for the contributions of great Christians from every era. Where would we be without Athanasius’s The Incarnation of the Son of God, Augustine’s Confessions, or the multiplied books of the Reformers who laid the foundation for the Reformation? And as much as we look forward to the return of Christ and a true ecumenism, adjudicated by none other than the Lord from heaven, we must until then be faithful in the expression of the truth as we know it. The Treasury of Baptist Theology represents an effort to do exactly that.

As you begin to read these volumes, our prayer to God is that He will use them to encourage faithfulness from all in delivering the New Testament witness to our own era. The concept of a believer’s church–that is, a church made up of only twice-born men and women who have witnessed their faith through the covenant of believer’s baptism and who have committed themselves wholly to the fulfillment of the Great Commission as given by our Lord in Matthew 28:18-20–will hopefully incline the hearts of all to the Savior and to His program of witness to the nations.

Along the way, the plea for religious liberty will also be made apparent, together with the teachings on those doctrines where there is agreement across denominational lines, such as Christology, the Trinity, and other significant foundational doctrines. Volumes on evangelism, apologetics, and God’s purpose for the home will also be among those coming from the series.

So being your journey with us, and hear the significant witness of today’s Baptist theologians. And may God help us to embrace these doctrines with the same thoroughness and commitment as those in the generations who have gone before.

The first volume in the series appears this month. Deron J. Biles, professor of pastoral ministries and preaching at Southwestern Seminary is the editor and contributing author of Pastoral Ministry: The Ministry of a Shepherd. Joining Biles in writing chapters are several of his colleagues as well as former Southern Baptist Convention president, Fred Luther, and current chairman of the SBC Executive Committee, Stephen Rummage.

Together, the authors of Pastoral Ministry examine Ezekiel 34 and explore facets of the life of a shepherd and pastoral ministry. Biles explains:

The New Testament applies the image of the shepherd to the role of the pastor. In contrast to the faithless shepherds of the Old Testament, shepherds in the New Testament are never pictured as unfaithful …. One can preach to the sheep, but one can only pastor among the sheep. Being a pastor requires proximity to the sheep. “Preacher” is a titled earned by excellence in education and eloquence, but “Pastor” is a title earned by hands-on ministry ….

Pastor, God has told you in His Word what He expects from you. The responsibilities of your calling are clear. He expects His shepherds to feed the flock, strengthen the weak, heal the sick, bind up the broken, protect the flock, bring back those driven away, seek those lost, and lead the flock …. This is what God said you are to do. If God honors you with the care of His sheep, follow the ministry of the true Shepherd.

Here is more information about Pastoral Ministry:

Pastoral Ministry: The Ministry of a Shepherd

Deron J. Biles, Editor
B&H Academic, 2017.



  1. Introduction: The Ministry of a Shepherd, Deron J. Biles
  2. Feed the Flock, David Allen
  3. Strengthen the Weak, Deron J. Biles
  4. Healing: The Forgotten Art of the Church, Paige Patterson
  5. Shepherds Must Bind up the Broken, Dale Johnson
  6. The Shepherd Who Protects the Sheep, Malcolm Yarnell
  7. Bring Back Those Driven Away, Tommy Kiker
  8. Seeking the Lost and Perishing, Matt Queen
  9. Leading the Flock, Fred Luter
  10. Trusting the True Shepherd, Stephen Rummage

What others are saying about Pastoral Ministry:

“After pastoring a church for fifteen years, Pastoral Ministry was refreshing and encouraging to read. It reminded me of exactly what the Lord has called his shepherds to do.” — Matt Carter, pastor of preaching and vision, Austin Stone Community Church

“Nothing is more important to the church today than to have a clear view of the role of the pastor …. The pattern for the shepherd is the Great Shepherd, our Lord Jesus Christ.” — Jimmy Draper, president emeritus, LifeWay Christian Resources

Pastoral Ministry … is more than a ‘how to’ book; it’s a ‘who am I’ book …. You will be challenged to look within your own heart to consider how God is pastoring you.” — Mark A. Howell, senior pastor, Hunters Glen Baptist Church

“The high calling of a pastor is to shepherd the people of God with the Word of God for the glory of God …. I pray that the Lord will bless this book to encourage and equip pastors to be the shepherds God has called them to be.” — David Platt, president, International Mission Board