7 Summits with Danny Akin & Russell Moore

7Summits CoverWith the recent release of Seven Summits in Church History, designed to give a brief introduction to major figures in the history of Christianity for churches and all readers, I have asked several friends, pastors, and scholars to answer:

Who are your “Seven Summits”? Or, what figures in church history would you enjoy sharing a meal with?

On Fridays over the next few weeks, I will share their responses and would love your thoughts and invite you to join the conversation in the comments.

Today, it is my delight to share who Danny Akin and Russell Moore think are seven summits in church history worth knowing:

Danny Akin’s Seven Summits:
  1. Papias because he studied under the Apostle John.
  2. Athanasius because he was at Nicaea.
  3. Augustine because that is a no-brainer.
  4. Martin Luther because he would be so much fun.
  5. George Whitefield because of all he did and saw.
  6. David Brainerd because he really is responsible for the modern missions movement.
  7. Adoniram and Ann Judson because I am humbled when I consider all they endured for Christ and the people of Burma.

Daniel L. Akin10who currently serves as the President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina and is the author of 10 Who Changed the World.


Russell Moore’s Seven Summits:
  1. Irenaeus of Lyons. He is my favorite theologian. I’ve leaned much from him about how the entire story of Scripture and the universe is summed up in Jesus the Christ.
  2. Justin Martyr. He stood up for Christ with boldness against all sorts of cultural pressures. Like Apollos, he was mighty in the Scriptures.
  3. Augustine of Hippo. His thought shaped the course of the Western church. Who would not want to consult with this inimitable mind and soul?
  4. Martin Luther. I would want to visit with Luther, and not only because my theology has been so shaped by him. I am an awful sinner, and my biggest struggle is to believe that God loves me. Luther hammered home the gospel as outside of us, hidden in Christ. He celebrated the freedom that comes from free grace. I need to hear that every day, even if it’s in German.
  5. Andrew Fuller. He’s my favorite Baptist in church history. Reading his work transformed my ministry in terms of the free offer of the gospel and the reasons for it.
  6. C. S. Lewis. No one’s writings have influenced more than his, starting from a The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, which gripped my childhood imagination. I would love to sit for an evening and ask question after question about God, imagination, culture, and heaven.
  7. Fannie Lou Hamer. She was my fellow Mississippian, a Christian woman who endured beatings and imprisonment for the cause of racial justice and civil rights. I would love to learn from a woman so brave and confident that she could stand up to a white supremacist police state, and, ultimately, win.

Russell D. Mooreonward currently serves as the President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission for the Southern Baptist Convention. He previously served as Provost and Academic Dean for the School of Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Dr. Moore is the author of Onward: Engaging the Culture Without Losing the Gospel.

Who are your Seven Summits?

Join the conversation in the comments below and learn who are my Seven Summits and more about the book here.


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