7 Summits with Paige Patterson and Jason Allen

7Summits CoverWith the recent release of Seven Summits in Church History, designed to give a brief introduction to major figures in the history of Christianity for churches and all readers, I have asked several friends, pastors, and scholars to answer:

Who are your “Seven Summits”? Or, what figures in church history would you enjoy sharing a meal with?

On Fridays over the next few weeks, I will share their responses and would love your thoughts and invite you to join the conversation in the comments.

Today, it is my delight to share who Paige Patterson and Jason Allen think are seven summits in church history worth knowing:

Paige Patterson’s Seven Summits:
  1. Irenaeus of Lyon in France – early premillennialist, close to John the Apostle
  2. Vigilantius of Leon in Spain – early evangelical who stood for the pure gospel against Jerome
  3. John Hus – precursor of the Reformation and powerful preacher
  4. Peter Waldo – one of the greatest soul-winners of all time
  5. Balthasar Hubmaier – Anabaptist theologian and martyr
  6. B. H. Carroll – frontier church planter and theologian of the American West
  7. David Livingstone – african missionary, cartographer, and hunter

Paige Patterson currently serves as the President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He is the author of Revelation: An Exegetical and Theological Exposition of Holy Scripture in the New American Commentary Series published by Broadman and Holman.

Jason Allen’s Seven Summits:
  1. Athanasius – because it is impossible to overstate Nicea, or Athanasius’ role in it. Christianity would not Christianity without Nicea and Athanasius.
  2. Augustine – because, after Paul, he is the primary tributary of Protestant, Reformed thought.
  3. Martin Luther – because he might be the most courageous Christian who ever lived, and because his personality and prose would make Donald Trump blush.
  4. John Calvin – because, love him or hate him, his Institutes of the Christian Religion is one of the most consequential theological works ever written. You simply cannot be a serious theologian without reading it and engaging him.
  5. George Whitefield – because he preached the gospel like no one before or since, and, literally, preached himself into his grave doing it.
  6. Charles Spurgeon – because given all that he was, did, experienced and accomplished, there is no one I’d rather meet, save Jesus.
  7. J. Gresham Machen – because he called theological liberalism out for what it really is—another, non-Christian, religion.
  8. Adrian Rogers – because, though he was more a pastor than a theologian, he in 1979 publicly launched, led, and won the most consequential theological fight in the history of my denomination, the SBC.

Jason K. Allen currently serves as the President of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri. He frequently writes at his website jasonkallen.com and is the author of the forthcoming Discerning Your Call to Ministry: 10 Questions to Help you Decide published by Moody later this year.

Who are your Seven Summits?

Join the conversation in the comments below and learn who are my Seven Summits and more about the book here.

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