7 Summits with Ronnie Floyd and J. T. English

7Summits CoverWith the recent release of Seven Summits in Church History, designed to give a brief introduction to major figures in the history of Christianity for churches and all readers, I have asked several friends, pastors, and scholars to answer:

Who are your “Seven Summits”? Or, what figures in church history would you enjoy sharing a meal with?

On Fridays over the next few weeks, I have shared their responses and would love your thoughts and invite you to join the conversation in the comments.

Today, it is my delight to share who Ronnie Floyd and J. T. English think are seven summits in church history worth knowing:

Ronnie Floyd’s Seven Summits:

These seven men have shaken not only the world, but my life in many ways:

  1. John Hus, even prior to the Reformation, his courage resembled the apostles and served as a foretaste of more to come
  2. Martin Luther, his boldness to stand for the gospel in his generation inspires me to do the same today
  3. Jonathan Edwards, his scholastic brilliance blended with his mighty heart for God and his passion for the advancement of the gospel globally, is an example for me continually
  4. Charles Spurgeon, his legacy of preaching, writing, and ministry challenges me endlessly
  5. William Carey, leader, missionary, and visionary . . .  “Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God”
  6. Dwight L. Moody, evangelist, pastor, innovator, educator, and world changer, the very things I pray I could emulate
  7. Billy Graham, his commitment and vision to reach the world for Christ challenges me daily

Ronnie Floyd is the Senior Pastor of Cross Church in Springdale, Arkansas and the current President of the Southern Baptist Convention. The annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention will convene in St. Louis Missouri June 14-15, 2016 and Dr. Floyd has written on how members of the convention can prepare.

J. T. English’s Seven Summits:

If I could spend a day with seven figures from church history and have a conversation with them, I would want to talk to:

  1. Athanasius about the Incarnation
  2. Gregory of Nazianzus about pastoring
  3. Augustine about prayer
  4. Martin Luther about the German Reformation & Katharina von Bora about setting a new pattern of life for Protestant families
  5. John Calvin about the Holy Spirit
  6. Herman Bavinck about theological method
  7. Bill Bright about evangelism and to thank him for the impact that Cru had on my life (the Lord used the 4 Spiritual Laws to save me while I was in college).

J. T. English, who holds a PhD in Systematic Theology, serves as a Pastor of Training at The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas where he is in charge of The Village Church Institute.

Who are your Seven Summits?

Join the conversation in the comments below and learn who are my Seven Summits and more about the book here.

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