Book Reviews


Book Review: “John Piper Goes Further Up and Further Into the Doctrine of God’s Providence,” Christianity Today, May 11, 2021.


Book Review: “The Year of Our Lord, 1943,” ERLC (February 25, 2019).

Book Review: Letters to My Students, Vol. 1The Spurgeon Library, September 23, 2019


Book Review “Did Genghis Khan Invent Religious Freedom?” at The Gospel Coalition, March 8, 2017.

Book Review “The History of Theological Education” in Midwestern Journal of Theology (Spring 2017): 112-117.


Book Review: ‘The Baptist Story’” at Books at a Glance, August 17, 2015. Also published in Midwestern Journal of Theology 14.2 (Fall 2015): 113-116.


Book Review: “From Heaven He Came and Sought Her,” on The Gospel Coalition, December 6, 2013.

Book Review: “A theology of Screwtape for hipster generation,” on The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, October 15, 2013.

Book Review of C(H)AOS Theory: Reflections of Chief Academic Officers in Theological Education, by Kathleen Billman and Bruce Birch, eds. SWJT 56:1 (Fall 2013): 129.

Book Review of Baptists Through the Centuries: A History of a Global People, by David Bebbington. Journal of Ecclesiastical History 64, no. 2 (April 2013): 422-423.


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Review of Baptist Autographs in the John Rylands University Library of Manchester, 1741-1845, transcribed and edited by Timothy D. Whelan. SWJT 54:1 (Fall 2011): 105-107

Review of Worldliness, edited by C. J. Mahaney. SWJT 53:2 (Spring 2011) 232-233


Review of Baptist Theology: A Four Century Study, by James Leo Garrett, Jr. SBJT  14:2 (Fall 2010) 92-94.

Review of Global Voices on Biblical Equality, Edited by Spencer, Spencer, and Haddad. JBMW  15:2 (Fall 2010) 52-55.

Review of Readings in Baptist History, by Joseph Early Jr. SWJT 52:2 (Spring 2010) 256-57.

Review of From Student to Scholar: A Candid Guide to Becoming a Professor, by Steven M. Cahn. SWJT 52:2 (Spring 2010) 164-66.


Review of The Life and Writings of Thomas Helwys, edited by Joseph Early Jr., and A Short Declaration of the Mystery of Iniquity, edited by Richard Groves. The Journal for Baptist Studies 3 (2009)


Review of Anabaptist Beginnings (1523-1533), edited by William R. Estep. The Journal for Baptist Studies 1 (2007)

Review of The Theology of John Smyth, by Jason K. Lee. The Journal for Baptist Studies 1 (2007)

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Review of Paradox and Perseverance: Hanserd Knollys, Particular Baptist Pioneer in Seventeenth-Century England, by Dennis C. Bustin. SWJT 49:1 (Fall 2006 [2008]): 105-06

Review of The Early English Baptists 1603-1649, by Stephen Wright.

Review of Baptist Ways: A History, by Bill J. Leonard. SWJT 47:1 (Fall 2004 [2006]): 86-89