How I Wrote My Review of “Providence”

Earlier this Spring, Christianity Today invited me to write a review of John Piper’s latest book, Providence (Crossway, 2020) and this week they published the review here.

The time I had to write the review overlapped with my teaching a masters level online course, “Survey of Historical Theology,” comprised of 25 students from all over the country. Thus, I took the opportunity to use the review both as a teaching exercise for the students and to enlist their help in editing it–and the review was better for it!

As a part of the class one week, I recorded this video to explain how I wrote the review to convey, in brief:

  • Why did I agree to write the review
  • How did I plan to read the book and other supporting sources
  • Who was my audience or for whom was I writing
  • What kind of review did I think I could write
  • What kind of help did I still need to finish the review

You can “join the class” and watch that video here or below: