Mere Hope

Life in an Age of Cynicism How are Christians to live in such difficult times? Unique of all people, Christians are called to embrace a hopeful outlook on life. Mere Hope offers the core, Christ-centered perspective that all Christians share, and that Christians alone have to offer a world filled with frustration, pain, and disappointment. …

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Prayer, Missions, and The Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia

During his final years in Northampton, Massachusetts, Jonathan Edwards received an invitation from Scotland to participate in a Concert of Prayer as a “means” of rejuvenating the revivals. As Chris Chun deftly explains, Edwards had already come to think of prayer as an appropriate conduit for advancing the awakenings and in response he published in …

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A Supreme Desire to Please Him: A New Book on Adoniram Judson

Evan Burns has just published a significant and thorough work on the spirituality of pioneer American missionary Adoniram Judson. A Supreme Desire to Please Him is a part of Pickwick’s “Monographs in Baptist History Series” and is delightful and inspiring to read. Sometime ago the author asked if I would write the foreword for his …

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Henry Jessey

Puritan Chaplain, Independent and Baptist Pastor, Millenarian Politician and Prophet Henry Jessey (1601-1663) rose to prominence as pastor of the “Jacob-Lathrop-Jessey church” in Southwark in the early seventeenth-century London during the time when Baptists in England were undergoing their initial formalization. Jessey never married, wrote extensively, played key roles in the English Civil War, and …

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First Freedom

The Beginning and End of Religious Liberty Challenges to religious liberty are increasingly common today as historical Christianity comes into conflict with a new, secular orthodoxy. In this thoroughly revised second edition of First Freedom, leading evangelical scholars present the biblical and historical foundations for religious freedom in America, and address pressing topics such as: …

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Seven Summits in Church History

Augustine. Luther. Calvin. Hubmaier. Edwards. Carey. Henry. Some of the richest spiritual lessons have come to me by way of great biographies. Jason has chosen seven fascinating, critically important figures and distilled some of their most important contributions to our faith and life. It’s a delight to read.  –J.D. Greear, Pastor of The Summit Church, …

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